1. Upload and Activate the plugin in WordPress plugin tab.
2. Enter your licens key in the plugin/WooCommerce E-conomic Integration License
3. Go to woo-economic and configure the options
4. Save and you are good to go.

Products :

  1. Products will be synced based on SKU. Each product in WooCommerce, must have unique SKU assigned, else product will not be integrated.
  2. Products must have title assigned, without title product will not be integrated.
  3. Product category will be synced based on Category Name. Thus Category Name must be unique, in both the systems.
  4. In Economic, to create a Product, it must be assigned to at least one Product Category. Thus, you must assign atleast one category to Products in WooCommerce, else a new category named ‘Default’ will be created and all products without product category will be assigned to Default category in Economic.
  5. In Economic, product can fall under only one category, and there is no way to put the product in multiple categories. Thus you must have products with single category assigned in WooCommerce.  If multiple categories are assigned product in WooCommerce then it will pick any one category and product will be assigned to that category in economic.
  6. Product Description will be cropped till 500 characters, because that is the limit in Economic.
  7. If the product is set as out of stock in WooCommerce then Access field in economic will be assigned to Barred.
  8. If the products gets deleted from any one system, then in the next integration the error message will be displayed saying ‘The product could not be updated, because it is deleted from WooCommerce/Economic’

Orders and Customers

  1. Orders must be associated with a customer in WooCommerce. If any order does not have a customer assigned, then it will not be integrated. The customer must be a user in WordPress system. This means, orders of Guest users will not be integrated.
  2. Each order have multiple products. If by any chance the associated product is not created then the order will be created but it will not have that product inside it. Thus it will show incomplete information.
  3. In Economic, each Customers must have one Debtor Contact, meaning Attention and Your reference fields must be filled. Without this, the plugin will show error, ‘Customer could not be updated, because of insufficient information.’
  4. Customers in Economic are created as WordPress users with role ‘customer’. In WordPress, each user must have unique email id and username. Thus, in Economic each user must have unique email id and name, else customer will not be created.


  1. In Woocommerce we have Sale price and Regular price, whereas in Economic, we have Cost Price, Sale Price and Recommended Price. Currently Sale Price is mapped to Sale price in economic, and regular price in woocommerce are mapped to recommended price in e-conomic. Remaning price fields are kept untouched.
  2. As you can see we have provided two buttons to sync. So, there are two possible cases.
    1. First Products should go from WooCommerce to Economic. and then remaining products should come from Economic to WooCommerce.
    2. First Products should go from Economic to WooCommerce. and then remaining products should come from WooCommerce to Economic.

For assistance, please open a support ticket.